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The Sisson Spoof

Here’s what I want to know: why is it that alcohol and cigarettes should shandra standard bed carry surgeon general’s health warnings, but obscenely deleterious foods don’t have to?

We’ve looked at the Cheesecake Factory’s one-pound slices of cake and Chili’s two,700+ calorie onion. And it’s not just restaurants. Loon Peak Think about Pop Tarts and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. What if, alternatively of being allowed to (respectively) slap “good source of calcium” and “No hormones” on these products, these sugar slingers had to inform the truth:

Pop Tarts

Warning: This solution includes high levels of sugar, artificial ingredients and refined fat which are identified contributors to obesity, diabetes and, oh yeah, death.

Ben & Jerry’s

Warning: The pint you are about to ingest contains two days’ worth of fat and your Loon Peak entire day’s caloric specifications, due to the fact, let’s face it, no 1 eats just 1-fourth of this little carton. We may possibly love our cows, but we don’t give a flying fig Loon Peak if you get diabetes, which you most likely will if you eat sufficient of these bad boys.

Straight Outta Compton with My RDA

Of course, I’m certain the Surgeon G. can come up with the appropriately-uninspiring medical terminology.

But seriously, I want to know: why do known contributors to obesity, diabetes and heart disease get to make well being claims on their packaging? A bottle of wine would by no means have “Loaded with antioxidants!” plastered on its label (let’s hope). Cigarettes packs aren’t about to feature “Enhances mood and relieves tension” seals. These solutions do have benefits (why else do people appreciate them and frequently get addicted). But they also carry big, life-threatening risks.

How is a pint of ice cream diverse? How is a rectangular donut distinctive? Just since they’re “food” doesn’t make it any significantly shandra standard bed less disingenuous to trumpet meaningless wellness claims. Humans can turn out to be addicted to meals just as conveniently as beer and smokes. If you feel the cumulative effect of years of eating junk is any various shandra standard bed from the effects of excess alcohol or cigarettes, think again. Far additional persons die from meals addiction than drinking and smoking.

But don’t worry – Pop Tarts deliver 9 essential vitamins and minerals.


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