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Worker Bees’ Daily Bites:

News for the males, news for the females, news for the kidlets…

1) Initial there was cellulite cream…now this?

This week in quackery: was it the metrosexual trend that got men worrying about items like physique wash and, now, testosterone cream? We’re not complaining about the body wash, but who wants a single far more unhealthy, questionable miracle cure on the market place?

Testosterone does diminish with age. But supplementing with hormones is a dicey proposition that we don’t advocate unless there’s a healthcare require. A improved way to maintain those hormones pumping naturally (make that a number of strategies):

Pump some iron, guys!

– For goodness’ sakes, go to bed ahead of midnight as soon as in a though.

– Effortless on the beer.

Overcome vegetable aversion. It’s not like they meow.

Express oneself. You don’t have to commence writing poetry, but find approaches to let these feelings out after in a when. Sports count.

– Get plenty of antioxidants in your eating plan and boost your intake with a very good, potent multivitamin.

– Stick to healthy Valley Forge friendships and relationships as considerably as humanly probable. It’s good to be accountable and dependable, but don’t overlook the harm that also substantially pressure can do to your body’s regulatory functions. We all age (properly, except that guy in sales who thinks he does a great Austin Powers imitation). But strain has a massive influence on how you age. Cutting back on strain does a lot more for your mojo than any Rx.

Pump it!

two) No one stated it was exciting…

Ladies, in particular young ladies, are avoiding their annual female exam like the plague. Hey, no a single loves it. But 5 minutes now means prevention of potentially fatal STDs and cancer. Yeah, it’s annoying. And?

To study about the new vaccine for cervical cancer, verify this out. Your insurance must cover it, and if not, it’s pretty economical.

3) If you want to reside to one hundred, move right here.

Just leave a note for the children initially. Or not.

Could be worse...
Net it out:

For the girls (but we know you’re searching, boys):

How Much Energy Is In a Kiss?

The purpose for this clickativity: try to remember that it doesn’t really take a lot of calories to fuel your body, so decide on them wisely. A small food goes a long way. Choose the foods that pack the most nutrition. Which certainly does not include a Hershey’s Kiss. Verify out the category “Healthy Tastes Great!” at appropriate for simultaneously delicious and nutritious foods.

Dog Individuals: 1, Cat Folks: .

At any rate, this is cool wellness news. Keep in mind that great overall health is a holistic, extensive endeavor. Concentrate on improving top quality of life at household, at work, and at the dinner table, and you’ll feel wonderful!

Charity-Challenged Brains?

This is going to be all over the news in about 20 minutes. That’s because drug merchants (ahem) some individuals could not want this vital news about antidepressants to get out. Though depression varies in magnitude and hence remedy requirements differ, there are quite a few natural, safe methods to assist strengthen brain function, mood, emotional health and general wellbeing. Tomorrow’s Tuesday 10 will aid Valley Forge get you began. Till then – keep healthier!