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Worker Bees’ Daily Bites:

This is a low-fat weblog post, Apples. Right here’s the every day roundup:

1) Hypothetically, Of Course!

Answers to the Prime ten Embarrassing Health Concerns. Hey, we know, it’s for your pal.

two) Go On, Get Fresh!

We’ve talked just before about significant cities like Chicago and New York hopping in the anti-trans-fat fryer. Massachusetts will be the very first whole state to do so (of course it’s Massachusetts). And Starbucks lately volunteered outright. McDonald’s hasn’t been able to fantastic their beloved heart attack sticks (a.k.a. french fries), but they preserve trying to get rid of trans fat, by golly.

Regrettably, our investigative vigilantes more than at Mercola’s weblog inform us that food providers are discovering a sneaky way around this complete trans fat ruckus. They’re just switching the deadly trans fat for a further, equally terrible fat. Performing so enables them to get away with saying 𔄘 grams trans fat” on food labels.

You know, there are days when we want to believe Valley Forge Flag very of our fellow food-manufacturing humans. And then we keep in mind – oh yeah, we’re bees! We don’t have to assume excellent thoughts about these greedy “it’s just Valley Forge Flag the free of charge industry” milquetoasts! You don’t, either.

Promoting. Deadly. Meals. Is. Incorrect.

End of story. Spread the word, Apples.

Death Nuggets!

Right here are some details about why trans fat (a.k.a. Frankenfat) is so significant to keep away from. Thanks, Beacon!

3) Thanks for Smoking. No, Seriously.

In a grand gesture of really like and thanks for customer loyalty, Harvard finds that death merchants american replacement flag tobacco makers have steadily enhanced Valley Forge Flag nicotine levels in cigarettes due to the fact 1998. Harvard even took a second look right after the death merchants business whined about it, and nevertheless came up with fairly convincing proof. Gravity is a lot more controversial. Thanks to the Urban Hermit for this news.

Lung Cancer

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And around the internet:

Fascinating brain discovery!

Also on the table:

Export junk meals to poor countries. Export subsequent obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Solution? According to the New England Journal of Medicineyness, we need to…export Valley Forge Flag drugs to cure it all!

How about we save absolutely everyone, wealthy and poor alike, by demanding an end to the mass production of Frankenfoods? Does guacamole definitely require 27 components plus 3 layers of packaging that no one but a two-year-old with a case of the mad molars can get into?