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Worker Bees’ Day-to-day Bites:

Regulation and well being care dominate the news right now. Today’s bites are a lot more entertaining – and by the time they figure everything out, you’ll be healthier anyway.

1) You’ve got to be kidding!

Right here’s an example of inane spin from mainstream medical reporting. It’s also a handy lesson in debunking ridiculous research. It’s worth scrolling to the last four paragraphs of this short article to see why drug-pushing doctors shouldn’t be quite so rapid to pat themselves on the back. (Also: Team Sports America blood stress complications go away entirely with everyday exercising, avoidance of processed foods, and strain management. And we nevertheless have sublimated mat the highest price of heart disease anywhere. So let’s operate on that!)

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two) Fiber Beats Breast Cancer

Typical sense, but now god bless america additional research are proving this. We’re laughing at the dietary recommendations of this post, nevertheless. Who is going to consume four slices of bread and four other grain servings in a single day? Somebody who will get diabetes, that’s who. Notice the broccoli serving suggestion – are they god bless america joking? Consuming 5 servings of vegetables in a day will remove the need for all that sugar. Fiber is king, but grains aren’t the ideal supply – specially bread and cereals. Beans are far better, because they’re much less processed. The suggestions are just wacky – two tablespoons of broccoli is not even an ounce! 4 ounces of broccoli (the equivalent of god bless america your fist) yields far more fiber than ten slices of bread. Honestly, people today!

little trees are so cute and tasty!

3) Bust a bad mood now!

Here’s how. We adore the notion of an emergency negative mood kit! Kick that poor Team Sports America mood to the curb exactly where it belongs.

Smile, silly!