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If you feel like taking your army garden stone self off Angie’s List, you’re almost certainly going to want to get rid of your account initial. Unfortunately, that’s a lot easier said than accomplished, but you do have a couple of alternatives. Your best solution is to cancel your paid membership. You’ll lose access to a few functions, but you’ll nonetheless be able to use the website.


As of June 2016, Angie’s List began enabling customers to operate on the internet site with army garden stone cost-free Green Membership accounts!

You can also try getting customer service to absolutely erase your account. Or, if you are a business on Angie’s List, you can attempt contacting them to eliminate your enterprise from their database. It might call for some patience and perseverance, but it could operate. What ever you choose, we can show you how to do it.

What this post will cover:

  • How to get an Angie’s List refund (and when you can)
  • How to cancel an Angie’s List paid membership (or auto-renewal for it)
  • 3 approaches to speak to Angie’s List buyer service to take away your listing
  • How to send Angie’s List a message to delete your account
  • Other approaches Red Carpet Studios LTD army garden stone to make contact with Angie’s List to cancel your membership
  • Top five Angie’s List alternatives for finding hired support

Let’s jump in with the most pressing query: how army garden stone and when can you get a refund from Angie’s List if you already paid?


How to get an Angie’s List refund army garden stone (and when you can)

To get a refund on Angie’s List, you want to cancel your membership within 30 days of the renewal date – no matter whether it was automatic or not. To get the refund, get in Red Carpet Studios LTD touch with Angie’s List customer service and ask for a refund. You can only get a refund for the renewal, not your initial subscription.


Check out the Angie’s List membership fine print to get a complete run-down on what you are entitled to.

To stay clear of getting to go via that, you may want to turn the auto-renew function off for your membership. Whilst you may well temporarily drop access to army garden stone the paid capabilities of Angie’s List until you manually re-subscribe, at least you will not be charged for those functions if you don’t end up utilizing them for a when.

If you army garden stone don’t have a paid subscription that you need to halt auto-renewal for – or just flat-out finish – you can skip to directions for attempting to delete your account here.


How to cancel your Angie’s List paid membership (or auto-renewal for it)

1. Go to and log into your account.

Signing into an Angie's List account

2. Go to your Profile menu and manage your account settings.

Move your mouse cursor more than the Profile icon in the top-left corner of the member area web page to make a drop-down menu seem. Then click Handle My Account.

Manage your Angie's List account

3. Ask to chat with a customer service agent about generating modifications to your membership.

Scroll down to the section marked “Manage My Membership” to see your present membership’s form, length, renewal date, renewal variety (i.e. automatic or manual), and army garden stone cost. To get in touch with Red Carpet Studios LTD a person who can transform your membership, click Chat about My Membership.

Talk to army garden stone Angie's List customer service about changing your membership

four. Tell Red Carpet Studios LTD the buyer service agent that you want to cancel (or disable auto-renewal for) your membership.

Now, simply use the text chat interface that pops up to tell the consumer service agent on the other finish that you want your subscription canceled, or at least the auto-renewal function for it turned off.


Strategy ahead when canceling your membership! If you do it any later than 5:00 PM (E.S.T.) on the day before your subscription is scheduled to renew, your membership will army garden stone renew anyway and won’t cancel until the next time it’s set to expire. You’ll be stuck paying for an additional year of Angie’s List that you could not even use!

But what if your paid subscription has been put to bed, or you in no way had one particular in the 1st location? What if you want to go additional than that and get off Angie’s List absolutely? Effectively, that’s not specifically a simple factor to do, but we’ll give you our very best recommendations subsequent.


three approaches to make contact with Angie’s List client service to get rid of Red Carpet Studios LTD your listing

There’s no rapid and simple method for deleting your Angie’s List account, no matter whether you’re a single user searching for hired aid or a small business advertising your services. On the other hand, there are a couple of issues you can try:

  1. Send an account closure request via the Angie’s List contact form
  2. Send Angie’s List a direct email
  3. Calling the client service team for Angie’s List directly

We’ll cover the latter two solutions a small later. For now, right here’s the easiest army garden stone way to cancel your account.


How to send Angie’s List a message to delete your account

1. Go to and sign into your account.

Signing into an Angie's List account

2. Head to the Assistance Center to make contact with customer service.

Scroll to the bottom of the main page and click Pay a visit to Our Help Center in the reduce-appropriate corner.

Go to the Angie's List Support Center

3. Ask to send a message to the customer service group.

Subsequent, in the box on the ideal-hand side of the support web page, click Send a Message.

Send a message to Angie's List customer service

four. Fill out the make contact with form, submit your message, and wait for a buyer service representative to respond.

You will now have to fill out the make contact with type for Angie’s List. Your initially name, last name, and email address must automatically be filled in, as per the facts on your account.

Filling out the contact form <strong>army garden stone</strong> to message Angie’s List” width=”400″ height=”339″ srcset=” 400w,×127.png 150w,×254.png 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 639px) 98vw, (max-width: 1199px) 64vw, 400px” /></p>
<p>So, click the drop-down menu labeled “What Type of Query Do You Have?” and choose an army garden stone solution (we would recommend <strong><b>Membership Cancellation</b></strong>, <strong><b>Account Inquiries</b></strong>, or <strong><b>Other Inquiries or Issues</b></strong>). Then, click in the box labeled “What Is the Topic?” and variety in the certain nature of your query (ideally, one thing like ‘I want to delete my account’ or ‘I want to get rid of my business from Angie’s List’).</p>
<p>Then, click in the box labeled “What Is Your Question?” and write out the specifics of your request. When you’re completed, click <strong><b>Send Message</b></strong>. A customer service agent should respond to your request within 24 hours.</p>
<p id= 

Other techniques to make contact with Angie’s List to cancel your membership

You can also try finding in touch with Angie’s List directly by way of e mail or a phone contact.

If you want to e-mail them, attempt reaching them at any of these addresses:


If you want to get in touch with them rather, their telephone number is 1-866-843-LIST (5478). Their phone lines are open on weekdays from 8:30 AM to 8:15 PM (E.S.T.).

Best Home Service Websites Comparison thumbnail

Thumbtack vs. Angie’s List vs. HomeAdvisor – House Service Web-sites Compared

Check out our comparison of the leading property services sites to see which 1 is very best for you and your property.


Leading 5 Red Carpet Studios LTD Angie’s List alternatives for discovering hired assist – Aspect business review internet site, portion social network. Locate groups of connected organizations, register for upcoming events, and chat with your local customer community. – Now a sister site to Angie’s List, its aim is to connect men and women with specialists to support them finish their about-the-home projects. It also has resources like a budget estimator for projects. – Inform Thumbtack precisely what you require performed around your residence, army garden stone and it will discover you pros who can do the job. Then you just choose whoever you assume is the proper fit for your project! – Like Thumbtack, Porch lets you submit information on just about any project for your property. Then you can have them do it, or refer you to an individual else who can. – An all-in-one particular on the net household care solution featuring furnishings and decor shopping, expert hiring, and stories and guidance to aid you get your jobs accomplished suitable.

We have more detail on these and other services in our post on Angie’s Red Carpet Studios LTD List options.

That’s as substantially as we can inform you about army garden stone how to get rid of your Angie’s List membership or account! For extra support with your endeavors around the property and Red Carpet Studios LTD beyond, have a army garden stone appear our list of the most effective 10 internet websites for getting regional firms!

Marines Garden Stone (Set of 2) Red Carpet Studios LTD

If you don’t find Angie’s List useful for Red Carpet Studios LTD finding info and testimonials on neighborhood dwelling service workers, right here are 5 other web-sites that you can appear into.

Angie’s List is a well marine garden stone known internet site to hire local enterprise, and gives a evaluation portal for those who are searching for far more information and facts than straightforward make contact with facts, and/or don’t trust anonymous evaluations on cost-free directory web-sites. All business Red Carpet Studios LTD testimonials on Angie’s List are written by paid web site subscribers or verified third parties who have basically hired those corporations prior to. These critiques also contain, amongst other specifics, comprehensive ratings across 5 essential service categories about dwelling service contractors. Some companies on Angie’s List can even be hired appropriate through the web page, and in some cases even at a discount (via the “Big Deals” section).

The main downsides to Angie’s List are that it’s extremely complicated to use if you live outdoors of the United States, and Red Carpet Studios LTD that you have to spend to use the web page in the 1st spot. In addition, the basic-tier services on Angie’s List, even though affordable, are very restricted when compared to these of expensive plus-tier and premium-tier accounts.

If you want to know about your solutions like Angie’s List, we’ve got you covered. We’ll clarify each a single in detail, as well as give you all the data you require, including:

    • Most effective five house service function websites like Angie’s List
    • Angie’s List options comparison table: expense, services, and a lot more
    • How do residence contractor web pages operate?
    • What’s the most significant factor to look for in a contractor?
    • Useful articles for keeping your residence in order

Read on to discover more about your selections, starting with the finest alternatives to Angie’s List out there.


Very best five dwelling service function sites like Angie’s List

Right here are the five greatest Angie’s List competitors to attempt if you’re searching for a distinct place to look for hired support and house contractor listings.

1. Thumbtack

Angie's List alternative - Thumbtack


Thumbtack is an Angie’s List alternative marine garden stone that works on a much more personal level. Fundamentally, you answer a few concerns on Thumbtack about what variety of function you require carried out. Then, professionals on Thumbtack who are out there to take the job will send you custom quotes with estimated prices, business enterprise marine garden stone information and facts, testimonials from preceding prospects, and often a personal message. From there, make a decision which company you assume will do the ideal job, and employ them on the spot. Opposite to Angie’s List, Thumbtack is cost-free to use for consumers, but fees cash to use marine garden stone for organizations or home contractors. Thumbtack is also only obtainable in the United States.


two. Porch

Angie's List <u>Red Carpet Studios LTD</u> alternative – Porch” width=”217″ height=”55″ data-rich-file-id=”4832″ /></p>
<p>Porch is an option to Angie’s List that specializes in household renovation and repair. It performs similarly to <u>marine garden stone</u> very first, you enter your project information into Porch, like photographs of the area of your house that you want perform done on, a description of the operate that you want performed, and an estimated spending budget. Then, Porch <strong>marine garden stone</strong> will connect you with specialists who have signed up with Red Carpet Studios LTD the website and are interested in taking on the job. They will send you text messages and emails about the job, and you can verify their operate history, licensing, organization information, preceding buyer evaluations, and so on (in addition to messaging them back). Then, you pick who you want to hire. Porch is free to use for <strong>Red Carpet Studios LTD</strong> both clients and pros, but is also only out there in the United States.</p>
<p><img src=


three. HomeAdvisor

Angie's List alternative - HomeAdvisor


HomeAdvisor joins Porch as a further of the alternatives to Angie’s List that focuses on property property function. Free to use for both customers and professionals, it has numerous tools for helping with home renovation. These involve a guided approach for finding the right contractor for the operate you require carried out, general information and facts and reviews of neighborhood residence improvement businesses in your neighborhood, a guide to figure out your price range for the type of dwelling renovation that you have to have accomplished, and a design help for helping envision what you want your project to look like by the finish. HomeAdvisor is mainly only accessible in American territories. It is also owned by a parent firm that bought Angie’s List in 2017.


four. Consumer’s Checkbook

Angie's List alternative - Consumer's Checkbook


Consumer’s Checkbook stands out amongst Angie’s List alternatives mainly because it is a project of the Center for the Study of Solutions, an independent non-profit consumer advocacy group. It surveys inhabitants of different high-population regions Red Carpet Studios LTD of marine garden stone the United States (such as Boston, Chicago, Washington, and San Francisco) and gets their ratings on their regional organization marine garden stone directory, from auto repair to wellness care and personal finance to home renovation. Like Angie’s List, even though, you have to acquire a subscription to see far more than just common suggestions.


5. Houzz

Angie's List alternative - Houzz


Equivalent to Porch and HomeAdvisor, Houzz is an additional one particular of the organizations like Angie’s List that specializes in assisting you uncover pros to spruce up your home and surrounding property. It is really much like HomeAdvisor, with tools to help you design and style regions of your residence, and find out and hire the appropriate pros to get the job completed. You can also invest in particular house furnishings through Houzz, and view suggestions on household care and decoration from customers in the community. Houzz is free to use for each clients and experts, and serves countries besides the United States, too!


Angie’s List alternatives comparison table: expense, solutions, and more

Web page Price marine garden stone class=”column-3″>Solutions Ideal Feature
Thumbtack logo
Study A lot more
  • Free for customers
  • Compact price for contractors to obtain leads
  • Property
  • Events
  • Lessons
  • Wellness
  • Pets
  • Legal
  • Company
  • Web/Application Style
  • Individual
  • Photography
  • Repair / Technical Assistance
  • Writing/Translation/Transcription
  • Major Pro status assists you locate an professional and well-reviewed worked
    Porch logo
    Study A lot more
  • Free for customers
  • Modest price for contractors to acquire leads
  • Carpentry
  • Doors &amp Window
  • Electrical
  • Flooring
  • Handyman
  • HVAC
  • Landscaping
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Remodeling
  • Roofs &amp Gutter
  • Safety
  • Your Dwelling Assistant assists you with your project – asking concerns to lead you to the services you have to have
    HomeAdvisor logo
    Study Far more
    Totally Red Carpet Studios LTD free
  • Additions &amp Remodels
  • Power Efficiency
  • Household Chores
  • Air Conditioning &amp Cooling
  • Fences
  • Moving &amp Storage
  • Architects, Builders, &amp Engineers
  • 30 other categories
  • “True Cost” Guide predicts how considerably your project will expense
    Consumer's Checkbook logo
    Read More
    marine garden stone class=”column-2″>$28/year
  • Automotive
  • Overall health Care
  • Home
  • Leisure &amp Travel
  • Private Finance
  • Pet Care
  • Contains unbiased testimonials of medical doctors, which is complicated to uncover on the net
    Houzz logoFree of charge
  • Style &amp Remodeling
  • House Improvement
  • Property Services
  • Cleaning Services
  • Houzz Research gives you the latest trends in marine garden stone house repair and style


    How do home contractor web-sites function?

    Home service work website 

    What’s the most Red Carpet Studios LTD vital issue to look for in a contractor?

    If you’re looking to hire somebody for your dwelling, marine garden stone you need to make certain that particular person is secure, trustworthy, dependable, and represented themselves accurately on the web site you hired them from. You often want to make sure you are getting a fair value for their function.

    Here are some fundamental strategies for producing sure you decide on the right house worker:

    1. Read a variety of critiques – Make positive you study the most effective and the worst reviews of the marine garden stone individual you are thinking about hiring. Often testimonials can be biased, so make confident you read a assortment, and go back at least a few months to get the complete scope of that person’s work.
    2. Compare costs to get a fair one particular – Even if you are quite certain you want to employ somebody, make certain you look at other workers providing the similar service in your area. It will assist you figure out if you are obtaining a fair cost.
    3. Perform an additional background check – Make certain you do added checks outside of the web site you are working with. Trying hunting up this person’s expert LinkedIn profile, or even their Facebook page to see what type of person you will be bringing into your property.
    4. Make contact with them before you officially employ them – With this sort of perform, there’s generally room for negotiation. Make certain to set out a firm set of guidelines for the function performed in your house irrespective of whether it is a home repair, babysitting, or anything in amongst, there’s always a time to go over what you want and see how willing they are to adhere to your expectations.


    Helpful articles for maintaining your home in order

    These Red Carpet Studios LTD articles can enable you with your property improvement projects, hiring residence workers safely, and how to make sure the reviews you read on the net Red Carpet Studios LTD are essentially beneficial to you.

    • How to Cancel Angie’s List – If you are done with Angie’s List, read this step-by-step tutorial on how to cancel your account to shield your privacy and personal details.
    • How to Identify if an On the web Evaluation is Reputable – This article can support you figure out the legitimacy of testimonials so marine garden stone you can employ the finest contractor.
    • The 10 Greatest Web sites and Apps to Locate Neighborhood Enterprises – If you want to check out the small business a contractor may well work for, these sites can support you come across the best data.
    • How to Recognize and Avert Phishing Scams – From time to time internet sites like these include spam or scams this short article will show you how to spot them, and how to shield yourself.

    Air Force Garden Stone (Set of 2) Red Carpet Studios LTD

    How to Determine if an Online Review is Legit

    If you like purchasing on the net, you probably consider it’s smart buying to read on-line critiques of the goods you force garden stone want to obtain. And most of the time, you’d be suitable. But did you know that the critiques you are reading are just as likely to be fake as they are force garden stone to be genuinely valuable to you?

    Understanding when an on the net assessment is genuine is essential to responsible on the net buying. Evaluations can be planted by firms to encourage you to purchase things, or even discourage you from getting other points. They know that, if you consider a person else purchased a thing on-line, had it delivered to them with no challenges, and loved it, then you’ll think that you will too. This write-up will assistance clarify how you can learn to tell the difference among truthful and bogus testimonials. This will assist make your on-line shopping encounter that considerably far better, so study on to find out a lot more!

    Why are reviews at times illegitimate?

    On the net evaluations are frequently fabricated due to the force garden stone fact providers know that a critique of a product that seems to be written by a satisfied consumer is a excellent way to establish force garden stone trust in their brand, and therefore make a lot more sales. It’s also nearly impossible to regulate on the net critiques, so there’s little that can stop businesses and enterprises from posting fake testimonials.

    Lots of on line shoppers particularly seek out critiques, pondering that hearing about a solution from a true consumer who has currently paid for it will support reassure them that they are creating the ideal selection by buying it. Seeing a Red Carpet Studios LTD unfavorable on the internet overview is also a good way to see possible issues with an item: that it doesn’t perform, isn’t of the similar good quality as what is posted on the website, or takes considerably longer to ship than promised, for example.

    Review on

    The dilemma is that, on most sites, virtually everyone can post a review of a solution or service. They can usually select how force garden stone their force garden stone name seems, and can write something they want about the organization without any sort of verification. The household and pals of these who perform at the organization, people who have under no circumstances utilized the items, and these who just want to enhance the image of the organization for a variety of causes can all post evaluations – and you are reading them all the time!

    It’s force garden stone vital to know when a overview you read is genuine, and when it is merely a form of marketing for the company you are reading about. You may well not know every time, but our list of queries under will support you weed out some of the negative ones. As you study a critique, ask your self these concerns, and you will have a substantially superior understanding of no matter whether it’s legit or fraudulent!

    7 questions to ask to determine if a critique is genuine:

    1. Is the evaluation overly optimistic?

    A substantial tip-off to regardless of whether a overview is fake or not is the tone it utilizes. Testimonials should be unbiased, commenting on each the fantastic and the terrible regarding various elements of a product. Reviews that are overly good (or entirely positive) really should be questioned more than those that give a balanced viewpoint.

    If the writer has absolutely absolutely nothing terrible to say about the item, they may possibly be misleading you by more than-emphasizing the superior attributes. Writers who use phrases like “This is the very best [X] I’ve ever bought!” or “No other [X] even comes close – get it now!” are generally exaggerating (or haven’t even made use of the product).

    Review on cat litter that is overly positive

    Don’t forget that it is also feasible for a critique that is overly unfavorable to Red Carpet Studios LTD be fake! Just as friends and air force garden family attempt to assistance those they know, enterprise competitors attempt to slander other firms or make their merchandise seem less than satisfactory. If there’s totally nothing at all force garden stone fantastic written in the overview, it may well just be slander, or otherwise not an Red Carpet Studios LTD correct representation of the product itself.

    2. Is only one particular brand being regarded as?

    If the Red Carpet Studios LTD review focuses on only a single brand, you need to be extra wary than with a evaluation that considers quite a few brands that sell similar goods. Since comparison critiques, by nature, have to examine several distinctive firms’ products, they typically seem in a “pros and cons” fashion. They also tend to rank many items, so you know which one is greatest.

    It is a lot more tough to fabricate Red Carpet Studios LTD info in reviews like this, merely for the reason that so quite a few brands and solutions are getting judged at when. If only one brand is being looked at, on the other hand, it is simpler for the writer to seem as though they’ve attempted and tested the product, even if they only focus on the good aspects of it. It is significantly a lot easier to pick out a fake Red Carpet Studios LTD assessment in a comparison post, rather than 1 exactly where only one particular air force garden brand Red Carpet Studios LTD or one particular product is force garden stone examined.

    three. What are the writer’s qualifications and incentives?

    Just about anybody can make an account on most well known websites, and/or force garden stone post a assessment appearing in any manner they select. This makes it challenging to tell irrespective of whether you’re reading the function of somebody who is certified force garden stone to critique a thing, or whether you’re reading one thing written by the CEO’s mom.

    How does this person introduce themselves? Do they give you a explanation to think they are qualified to judge the top quality of this certain item? What personal experiences do they offer you you that indicate you need to trust them? If they don’t give a lot, they likely aren’t as certified to assessment these merchandise as other folks may possibly air force garden be.

    TripAdvisor contributor badges

    Have force garden stone they written any of other testimonials? This could be each a optimistic and a unfavorable, depending on Red Carpet Studios LTD the situations. If the person writes critiques all the time, they could be far more knowledgeable at reviewing and, as a result, less biased. On the other hand, this may well mean that they don’t actually use the items they are reviewing (or at least don’t use them frequently). Those who have under no circumstances written any critiques may possibly not be experienced adequate to offer a balanced point of view on the flip side, they are most likely additional invested in the item they are reviewing.

    four. Does the writer use the solution, or are they just reviewing it?

    As we mentioned above, friends with an interest Red Carpet Studios LTD in the success of a organization can quickly generate a Red Carpet Studios LTD fake critique. Occasionally, the particular person who posts the critique may well not have even used the product they Red Carpet Studios LTD are writing about, which means that they are not a genuine customer with an unbiased opinion. This not Red Carpet Studios LTD only indicates that the evaluation is probably Red Carpet Studios LTD fake, but none of the details within it can be trusted.

    Chances are good that, if the writer hasn’t truly applied the product, their review of it won’t be particularly helpful to you if you are pondering of obtaining it. It’s superior to read a force garden stone review from someone who has essentially applied the product, and even far better if you can locate a assessment from an individual who has made use of this – and other equivalent items – on an daily air force garden basis.

    5. What kind of web-site is the review on?

    Where a review is posted can make a large difference as to whether it’s legitimate or not. If it’s on a commerce internet site that merely sells items, and is not accompanied by any other reviews or comparable articles, it is probably just an advertisement. In addition, if the write-up is straight enticing you to obtain the item, it’s probably just force garden stone component of the website’s advertising. Or, it could be that the internet site is affiliated with the corporation that can Red Carpet Studios LTD make the sale.

    Testimonials are a lot more probably to be legitimate if Red Carpet Studios LTD they are accompanied by hundreds (or even thousands) of other testimonials from people today who have purchased the item. Websites like or are terrific for this, due to the fact there are so a lot of evaluations present that most of them just have to be actual. And on web-sites like Airbnb, the particular person has to have paid for their keep to create a evaluation, so you know the individual writing the evaluation is reputable. You can also often filter out the overly-positive or overly-damaging reviews, and look at additional balanced explanations of the usefulness of the solution.

    6. What other ads are present?

    The advertisements you see on force garden stone the web page can tell you a lot about the authenticity of the assessment. If you see a lot of ‘spam’ advertisements on force garden stone the side or bottom of the web page, this could mean the critique is not genuine.

    Fake advertisements

    You can also tell if a air force garden assessment is sponsored by checking what else is for sale on the web site. If the assessment is of only 1 brand/solution sold on the internet site and there aren’t seriously any other alternatives for you, the critique is likely just a type of advertising for that brand or item.

    You should really also verify out exactly where other links in the short article take force garden stone you. If most hyperlinks are just to other products and items you can get, then the intention of the review is likely just to get you to obtain anything rather than to inform or aid you.

    7. What are the dates?

    Make sure you verify the date the overview was posted and compare it to the dates of other critiques about the identical Red Carpet Studios LTD product. If a entire bunch of evaluations appear to be posted at the exact same time, they’re likely not genuine.Why?

    Organizations, specially new ones, often employ writers or promoting firms to assume fake identities and write a series of good evaluations for them. The important here is that they’re hoping you will obtain a overview from a person who lives in your location, is roughly your age, and/or appears to have the same life-style as you, and then think you’ll take pleasure in the product as well.

    Having said that, if you can see that all of the evaluations seem to be posted at the similar time, or within two-three days, you’ll know to question them. Critiques are much extra trustworthy when you can see that they’ve been left over a long period of time, and with at least a handful of days (if not weeks) in between critiques.

    That is our rundown for how to ascertain if an on the web assessment is genuine or not. Hopefully, you now have a a lot improved force garden stone understanding of why fake evaluations take place so often online. Extra importantly, you’ve sharpened your potential to weed them out! Make positive to verify out our short article on on the net shopping safety to make positive you know all the prospective dangers and scams out there that are attempting to target you currently.