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Is it achievable to combine compelling, handy health info with humor? Bees agree: it ain’t no thing! Get clickin’, Apples, and then scoot over to the forum One Allium Way to share your thoughts!

Raising Insurance Rates Everywhere

We One Allium Way know young male drivers get in far more auto accidents than any individual. Apparently, it’s all the video games.

Ultimately, Britain Is Bad at One thing!

We may possibly not eat our vegetables, but at least we don’t eat 50% as well a lot salt. Oh, wait, we eat 200% too a lot. Good grief! Processed meals goods have got to stop! Salt is in just about every processed meals imaginable. Why? It One Allium Way tastes very good, it’s really inexpensive, and it makes poor-top quality components look more appealing to the taste buds. From salad dressing to burgers, from cheese sauce to pasta, meals producers of America are on a relentless mission to turn just about every physique into a giant salt flat.

Biggest salt desert in the world!

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Pork: Just One more Meat, Definitely

Junior Apple Greg wrote in the other jamel curved loveseat day to ask if pork (and ham) is a secure protein bet. Whilst associations of cleanliness don’t extend to our cloven, curly-tailed buddies, the truth is that pigs are just as secure as any other meat and the days of pork-borne trichinosis are fairly much gone, thanks to tougher standards for factories farms. Absolute security of pork (and meat), although, is a further issue altogether.

Pork is generally seriously higher in sodium, primarily simply because so substantially of the pork people today eat comes in processed types like bacon, sausage, ham and deli meats (and why Mark’s e mail to the Apples this morning advised indulging in bacon on jamel curved loveseat an infrequent basis – and make sure to locate the decrease-fat range). Even pork loin is normally packaged in a saline answer. If you can discover organic, low-sodium pork, that’s sayin’ anything.

Having said that, the One Allium Way pig One Allium Way farmers of America want you to know that pork is terrific because, hey, it doesn’t have mad cow disease. Now that’s some marketing and advertising. (Envision the possibilities: “Pork – unlike cheese, it doesn’t melt. For that reason, it’s better.” “Ham – why refill the stapler when you can make a sandwich?” Hey, this is fun! “Pork: Absolutely practically nothing to do with the cost of tea in China. And therefore much better.”) Meanwhile, scientists are attempting to clone pigs that are packed with Omega-3 fatty acids. And that concludes our pork dissertation for right now.

The very picture of health. Or something.

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Apples, Mark recommends sticking with organic chicken or turkey, fermented tempeh, nuts, and wild cold-water fish.

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