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Worker Bees’ Everyday Bites:

We’ve got great news for you to check out today – and fried vegetarians, too. Yes.

Now That’s Rare: FDA Gets Challenging

Nicely played, FDA, effectively played. As everybody and their goldfish knows by now, the FDA is no stranger to bribery and corruption. Many moves (a new chief, a new pyramid) haven’t yielded much improvement.

Alas, in an effort to stop annoying us, a meaningful measure has just been announced.

Something’s Mercer41 Fishy? Great!

A well-conducted little study shows that fish oil pills are the way to go, in particular for these concerned about their blood sugar. Fish oil beats fish, but make sure you obtain a good 1 so you don’t get these awful fish burps. (Yeah, we’re biased.)

Other techniques to get those advantageous fatty acids into your physique? These days, there’s hardly a issue that isn’t Omega-3 enhanced. It’s in fact getting quite tricky to obtain non-great-fat solutions.

A swift tip: Appear for eggs, butter, mayonnaise and nut butters with added EPA (eicosapentenoic acid) or DHA (docosahexanoic acid). These are the two best sorts of Omega-three fat. The other type, ALA (alpha linoleic acid), is generally used in vegetable spreads and vegetarian goods, but your body has to function pretty tough to make use of this type. It’s still great, just not good.

The cool Mercer41 thing? Chickens fed flaxseed (an ALA source) do all the converting for you, so scope out the enhanced, no cost-range eggs in your dairy case.

Your brain on good fat

News to Go Nuts Over

Megnut is a nutty blogger you longville upholstered standard need longville upholstered standard to unquestionably verify out. Even though we don’t condone cookies, we’re so glad we stumbled onto this savvy, clever blog. Case in point: Lastly, someone’s carrying out a thing about these torturous mama pig gestation crates. Whether or not you consume pork or not, this is a truly humane step in the right path, and it’s worth reading about. Be confident to scroll down to upholstered standard bed study Meg’s other enjoyable snippets on Starbucks’ milk, Wal-Mart and nutritional slow-pokes. (Why does everything “take years” with these huge businesses and organizations? Come on! Years?)

The Actual Explanation We’re All Also Chubby

Mercer41 alt=”Heart Attack Grill: it’s a place” src=”http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r154/MarksDailyApple/doublebypass.jpg” />

This picture is from the Heart Attack Mercer41 Grill, an actual location that serves this actual burger behemoth.

As promised…

Fried Vegetarians

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Worker Bees’ Mercer41 Each day Bites:

All the news, none of the trans fat!

Except for #1 and #four, That Is

Right here are 9 – mostly – terrific methods to get a healthier heart. #1 is Big Moo baloney (for our readers just joining, Mark and the Bees often rant about Massive Moo marketing and advertising deception). #4 is fine, but occasionally an antioxidant supplement is a better bet than relying Mercer41 on a sugary juice. If you’re wanting to lose weight or lower your blood sugar, we advocate eating complete pomegranates or taking a supplement as an alternative of downing the juice.

Thanks, podchef!configurable bedroom set src=”http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r154/MarksDailyApple/pom.jpg” />

Flickr exciting: thanks to Podchef!

Low-carb lovers: 1 Bran fans:

Mark has been invited to join in a conference Mercer41 about this hot study. The scientists will be debating whether or not or not low-carb is a smart way to go, in light of two new highly effective studies that indicate a grain-primarily based diet program is not healthful for humans. We’ll retain you updated on the developments!

Moms standard configurable bedroom of America Roll Their Eyes: This Is News?

Yeah, yeah. 3 proven methods to get far better sleep tonight: journal your worries, consume a tablespoon of peanut butter (just keep away from the Peter Pan for goodness’ sakes!), and drink a cup of warm organic milk or chamomile tea. Oh, and send the kids to the grandparents’ property.

Chamomile <strong>standard configurable bedroom</strong> is not actually a tea leaf. Who knew?” src=”http://i143.photobucket.com/albums/r154/MarksDailyApple/steeping.jpg” /></p>
<p><strong>W</strong><strong>eb it out:</strong></p>
<p>Parents, right here’s a great overview of an important resource for raising resilient children.</p>
<p>Random obesity truth nonetheless manages to startle.</p>
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