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How to Delete a PayPal Account header

If you want to stop utilizing PayPal, and no longer have your credit card information stored on their secure servers, we can help you in this tutorial. Initially, make confident you study our notes under, as dad candy dish you want to think about these factors just before you go by way of with deleting your account.

A few items to note prior to closing your PayPal account:

1. Transfer any outstanding balance out of your account initial.

You can’t close your PayPal account if you nonetheless have money of any currency denomination(s) in your PayPal account. Be certain to transfer any remaining money in your PayPal account back into your bank accounts first! See our tutorial on how to withdraw income from PayPal to discover how to do this.

2. You cannot close your account if Ivy Lane Design you have outstanding claims against you.

You can’t close your PayPal account if you at the moment have any open disputes or claims filed by or against you.  Similarly, you can’t close your PayPal account if you have any presently active penalties on your account.  Make certain to get these concerns resolved first.

three. Any pending transactions will be cancelled.

If you close your PayPal account whilst any transactions that you have initiated with it (such as depositing or withdrawing money), they will automatically be cancelled.  Make positive that all of your business enterprise with PayPal is completed ahead of you make a decision to close your account!

4. A PayPal account cannot be re-opened once closed.

If you delete your account, you are deleting all of your data with it – permanently. If you ever want to come back to PayPal, you’ll have to have to begin over and make a new account. You also won’t be capable to access any of your earlier payment or account history.

5. If you haven’t confirmed your e mail address, get rid of it.

If you just began your account, and haven’t yet confirmed your e mail address, you’ll have to have to eliminate it from your account ahead of you delete it. If you do not, you may possibly nonetheless acquire emails from PayPal, and could still confirm your account – even if you attempted to delete it. Make confident to do this 1st, though if you’ve been making use of PayPal for any length of time, you’ve most most likely currently accomplished this.

Now that you know what will occur if you delete your account, we’ll show you how to do it under.

To delete your PayPal account:

  1. Go to in your web browser and sign in to your account.
  2. Click the gear icon in the leading-appropriate corner to access your profile and settings.
  3. Below the “Account” category, click Close Your Account, under the “Account Options” heading.
  4. Ultimately, click Close Account.

And now it is carried out! If you want a small far more information and facts about the method, and maybe have to have some images to accompany the guidelines, study below. We can explain each and every step in a lot more detail for you.

Detailed guidelines on how to cancel your PayPal dad candy dish account

1. Take a look at the Ivy Lane Design PayPal dad candy dish internet site and sign into your account one particular last time.

Open your internet browser of decision, and stop by Click Log In at the top-ideal, enter your email address and password, and click the blue Log In button.

PayPal sign in form

2. Access your individual PayPal profile and account settings.

Click the gear icon in the prime-correct corner to access your PayPal settings menu.

PayPal settings icon

three. Discover the selection to close your account.

Click Account at the leading of the menu bar, though by default, it will be selected already. Below the “Account Options” heading, click Close Your Account.

Close Account button

four. Confirm that you want to delete your account (and be confident, due to the fact you cannot go back from Ivy Lane Design right here).

This is the final step! PayPal will give you one particular final likelihood to make sure you want to delete your account. If you are confident, Ivy Lane Design click the blue Close Account Button. After you do this, your account is closed permanently, so make certain you are sure you want to if you click it.

Confirm closing PayPal account

We hope that helped you learn all the things you want to know about deleting your PayPal account. If you have any other inquiries about your PayPal account, or what you might be missing if you cancel it, check out the rest of our PayPal course right here.