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Uber is a single of the largest ride-sharing applications out there suitable now, and lots of individuals are turning to it as an alternative to standard taxis.  The ability to get picked up and dropped off anyplace you want promptly — and without having the hassle of fumbling in your wallet or purse for a thing to spend the driver with — is eye-catching for men and women who need to have to travel about town in a hurry.  Nevertheless, some are concerned about the probable lack of horse tapestry certification, coaching, and insurance for some horse tapestry Uber drivers.  Other people aren’t fans of Uber’s tendency to inflate rates when there’s bad weather or visitors, or not enough drivers in an location to hold up with requests for rides.

If you’re looking to make a adjust, here is the lowdown on six of the most preferred competitors to Uber.

1. Lyft

Uber alternative - Lyft logo


Lyft is billed as 1 of Uber’s biggest competitors.  Even though it doesn’t supply fairly as lots of options as Uber does, it has stricter security standards.  It has been praised for its concentrate on creating a community of trust between riders and drivers, with social initiatives such as encouraging customers to share their favourite Fine Art Tapestries variety of music.

2. Curb

Uber alternative - Curb logo


Formerly known as “RideCharge” and “TaxiMagic”, Curb is an additional app like Uber.  Curb’s emphasis is on professionalism it only operates with officially sanctioned, licensed, and insured taxicab drivers or drivers-for-employ.  It serves over 65 U.S. cities, and has partnered with more than 90 taxicab businesses accounting for more than 50,000 cars.

three. mytaxi


A British-primarily based Uber alternative, mytaxi (previously Hailo) has some innovative characteristics.  It makes it possible for customers to request accessibility-friendly taxicabs, or see how far they can go on a fixed fare.  It also permits drivers to network, informing every single other of items such as areas with high taxi demands or road obstacles (such as site visitors or building) that may well slow driving down.  mytaxi is obtainable in big urban areas in the United Kingdom (including Ireland), Spain, Singapore, North America, and — in the near future — Japan.

four. Flywheel

Uber alternative - Flywheel logo


Like Curb and mytaxi, Flywheel is an app like Uber that allows users to hail professionally-licensed and insured taxi drivers.  It uses common taxi rates, so as opposed to Uber, fares in no way increase for the reason that of high demand.  Its solutions are based mainly on the U.S. western coast, particularly in California, Oregon, and the state of Washington.

five. Gett

Uber alternative - Gett logo


Gett (previously identified as “GetTaxi”) is a rising Uber competitor from Israel.  Like Uber, it makes use of its personal fleet of drivers who are fully licensed, educated, and insured.  Having said that, GetTaxi differentiates itself from Uber by generally charging flat rates that by no means enhance during periods of higher demand, inclement climate, or traffic gridlock. In some locations, they even guarantee that your ride will be less costly than an identical ride with Uber, or they’ll give you travel credit equal to the expense of your ride!  The principal concern with GetTaxi is that its operating region is rather little as of the writing of this short article, it solutions only New York City, the United Kingdom, Russia, and Israel.

six. Uncomplicated Taxi

Uber alternative - EasyTaxi logo


Really related to the other Uber competitors, Effortless Taxi tracks your location to come across a nearby driver. Easy Taxi drivers are totally trained and will have to undergo background checks. You can also edit your location to indicate landmarks, creating it easier for your driver to locate you. Effortless Taxi is out there in 30 countries and 420 cities, and covers a lot of southern regions of the planet that other taxi apps do horse tapestry not. 

Have you booked a ride with one particular of these apps like Uber?  Was it a smooth expertise, or 1 full of potholes?  Are there any other ride-requesting solutions like Uber that you know about or use, and believe our customers would like them, as well?  Leave us a comment below, or drop a line on a single of our social media pages.