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Worker Bees’ Every day Bites

So, it’s Presidents’ Day. What’s the suitable adjective? Satisfied Presidents’ Day? Merry Presidents’ Day? Oh Yeah It’s Bungalow Rose Presidents’ Day Once again?

Here’s the day’s most essential well being news, Apples:

Unraveling Autism

Autism news has been all over the spot lately – 1st with the news that 1 in 150 young children are autistic, and currently’s splash: autism could have a genetic element. Right here’s a blog that does a fantastic job of following autism news, although we take concern (albeit quite small problem) with the statement that “autism is genetic”. The study that’s hitting headlines does not definitely claim that genetics result in autism. Rather, scientists have identified a specific genetic abnormality, in a single gene, in autistic youngsters.

The legos are thrilled!

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They aren’t certain what this suggests (they’re operating on it). It could indicate predisposition or lead to. The lead scientist in the study explained that autism could nonetheless be (and most likely is) associated to environmental elements – and that clearly, lots of factors play a role in autism, which is basically a spectrum of issues.

Bad News for Reese’s?

Peanut butter is officially jumping the shark. But chocolate is excellent for you. This has got to be confusing for Reese’s peanut butter cups. Just kidding…no 1 need to be consuming that junk anyway. Dogpile rocks, which is really what we wanted to share with you! (Get clickative to obtain out what we’re talking about. It will all make sense if you click. Guarantee.)

Eat this type of chocolate:

Green & Black's

This is from Green and Black’s web site.

True chocolate is a wonderful source of brain-boosting antioxidants and has quite tiny sugar compared to “regular” chocolate (which, all with each other now…is not really chocolate). We’re not saying you should make a meal out of it, but the American chocolate scenario (in our view, catastrophe) is a classic instance of meals producers taking some tufted pouf thing that is simultaneously rich and healthful and fantastic…and ruining it. If you’re utilized to Kit Kats and Snickers, you are not living, kid! That is not chocolate! Move on up to this decadent, rich, heady stuff – it won’t take significantly to get a critical chocolate fix.

But not this sort:

Hersheytown may be cute, but this ain't chocolate
This type is not chocolate. Repeat: not chocolate. This is hydrogenated oil, sugar, chemical compounds, and some affordable cocoa powder and flavoring. It is not chocolate – it is addictive junk, but it’s not chocolate.