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Greetings TechBoomers users and partners!

It’s absolutely been a though considering the fact that you’ve heard from us. You may be considering we’ve taken a break from working on the web page, or at least slowed down on factors, but nothing at all could be further from the truth! We’ve been functioning on numerous exciting things that we can’t wait to share with you, so read on to study specifically what we’ve been up to!

Exactly where we’ve come from, and what we have achieved

It is been just more than two years considering the fact that the web page launched in January 2015 (wow, time certain does fly!). Our purpose when we launched TechBoomers.com was to make as numerous up-to-date courses as we could to teach those who are new to the Net how to use well-liked websites and apps, in a language they could realize. Nicely, we’re proud to say that orchid floral arrangements by the finish of 2016, we really feel like we accomplished that initial important target. We currently provide over 100 cost-free courses composed of 1100 video and article tutorials!

Early on, we realized how useful our absolutely free courses could be for digital literacy instructors, so we expanded our mission to support technologies trainers about the planet. We did so by producing our totally free courses available for use, in any way they required for their classes and programs. Organizations of all sizes have located our educational content material to be a wonderful asset to construct their programs around, as it saves them the time and effort of preparing coaching supplies for web sites that are continuously changing. Our Partnership Manager, Ryan, has been functioning tirelessly to help spread the word and let instructors know about the resources we have available to them.

Currently, far more than 70 libraries across Canada and the U.S. are featuring TechBoomers as a digital literacy resource! TechBoomers can also be a important tool to encourage students to continue learning at residence on their personal time. If you want to see this in action, verify out our current weblog post co-written with one of our library partners who decided to run TechBoomers Together tech training classes.

What we’ve been up to these last few months

It is constantly been our mission to keep the biggest collection of higher top quality tutorials, and maintaining them up-to-date has been a challenge at occasions. Luckily, we hired two new great content material creators to join Corbin and the rest of the TechBoomers team in mid-2016: Jessica and Kayleigh! Right after finishing a continuous flow of courses till the finish of December, we decided to concentrate the content material team’s efforts on updating the massive collection of tutorials, which is why we haven’t been emailing you about our new weekly courses. We’ve updated all of our most well-liked courses, and are slowly working our way by means of the remaining tutorials. Bay Isle Home We’ve also added more than 70 brand new videos to our YouTube channel, which includes accompaniments to our most common tutorials.

TechBoomers YouTube channel

You also could have noticed that we lately added a TechBoomers weblog. We’ll be posting all types of new articles in it that do not fit into our typical course structure. These will include helpful internet site and app tips, extended detailed guides, exciting listicles, and much extra! If you have any ideas for weblog post topics, please comment anywhere on the website, or feel absolutely free to contact us directly. We’ve also been quite active on social media – thanks to our Social Media Manager, Kris – and would adore your feedback across all of our channels!

TechBoomers blog

The future of TechBoomers

We’re also extremely excited to announce that we’ve began perform on re-launching the web page with a more intuitive and user-friendly design. Our Founder and CEO, Steve, has Bay Isle Home been operating endlessly to attempt to create the ideal website for our customers. Here are some highlights of the web-site that will be prepared in three-four months:

  • New courses Bay Isle Home that concentrate on how to use operating systems, mobile phones, and other devices.
  • New menus that help you obtain exactly what you want – significantly more quickly.
  • An updated residence page that capabilities our newest content, so you don’t miss a point.
  • Extra sophisticated courses on internet websites and apps we’ve currently written about, such as courses on how to sell on eBay, and how to rent your property on Airbnb.
  • Other sorts of exciting and beneficial content like Listicles, Greatest of the Net, On-line Guides, and significantly a lot more!

Lots of of the suggestions and ideas from our users and partners have contributed to the upcoming web-site redesign and added functions, so thank you for your feedback. We hope you’ll adore the new-appear of TechBoomers as significantly as we do!

As we operate on the new web page style, we’ll be posting at least three times a week on our blog, and releasing at least one particular new video each week on our YouTube channel. We’ll also be starting up our weekly partner newsletter and user newsletters once again. These will highlight our favourite weblog posts and video(s) from the orchid floral arrangements previous week.

For extra info on how you can companion with TechBoomers and assistance our organization, check out the following pages:

  • Linking to TechBoomers.com
  • Posting Our Articles (for totally free)
  • Library Partners
  • Tech Trainer Partners
  • How to Help TechBoomers

Lastly, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you so considerably for all of the help you have offered us. We wouldn’t be where we are nowadays devoid of you.

The TechBoomers Team!

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