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Google Drive is a popular addition to a wave of what is recognized as “cloud storage” applications.  It’s absolutely free to start off, with an initial memory limit of 15 gigabytes (which is fairly generous).  nylon house flag You can safely retailer your laptop files on Google Drive ANLEY and move them back to your personal computer at will.  Plus, you can create and edit office documents proper on american nylon house Google Drive… and even edit them alongside co-workers in genuine time!  Google Drive’s two key drawbacks are that it doesn’t have infinite space to store your files (but everstrong series american then again, most services like it don’t), and it doesn’t have pretty precise security and privacy settings.

Here’s the lowdown on eight handy sites like Google Drive in case you want to make the switch.

1. Dropbox

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<p>Dropbox is far and away the most well-known Google <i>series american nylon</i> Drive alternative in fact, it’s an indispensible tool for us right here at Techboomers.  It allows you to immediately and seamlessly synchronize your files involving your different devices, as effectively as share them with mates and loved ones, with no file size restrictions.  However, its initial storage space limit is rather modest (at only two gigabytes), and you can’t work on a file at <u>ANLEY</u> the identical time as somebody else.</p>
<p> If you’d like, you can get an in-depth look at how Dropbox performs in our Dropbox course.</p>
<h3>2. Box</h3>
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An award-winning alternative to Google Drive, Box is made to make storing and sharing your files as very simple as the firm’s name.  It delivers 10 gigabytes of no cost storage, and it performs reasonably properly with other Microsoft and Google solutions.  Regrettably, the size of files that nylon house flag nylon house flag you can upload is limited, and you need an upgraded account to keep track of factors like file versions and permissions.

three. SpiderOak

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<p>SpiderOak became one particular of the most famous options to Google Drive soon after the United States National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden described it as an alternative to Dropbox.  Its claim to fame is its �% Zero-Knowledge Assure”, which implies that you and the people you share your files with are the only ones who have control more than access to them on SpiderOak.  SpiderOak not only doesn’t know what’s in the files that you retailer on the service, but also has no concept how to unlock them simply because you’re generally holding the keys.  Nevertheless, SpiderOak is a bit difficult to use, specifically if you’re attempting to share files (since you manage how they’re encrypted).</p>
<h3>four. <strong>series american nylon</strong> Apple iCloud</h3>
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SugarSync’s claim to fame amongst web sites like Google nylon house flag Drive is its ability to back up any folder on your laptop or computer, not just a single particularly dedicated to SugarSync.  It also has comparable sharing options to Dropbox, plus the capacity to remotely wipe data from any of your synced devices if it’s lost or stolen.  The downside of SugarSync is that it has no no cost selections, even though you can get a cost-free trial of it for a month.

6. Microsoft OneDrive

Google Drive alternative - Microsoft OneDrive


OneDrive is computer system giant Microsoft’s foray into the planet of Google Drive competitors.  It delivers 5 gigabytes of cost-free memory storage space, and involves a “recycle bin” function that lets you temporarily retailer files with out taking up your storage quota (even though american nylon house they’ll series american nylon in the nylon house flag end be deleted).  You can also download many files at as soon as in a “ZIP” folder (even though there is a limit of 4 gigabytes or 65,000 files on this action).  You can also use OneDrive to create and edit Microsoft Office documents suitable in your web browser!

7. Minbox

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Like Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, Minbox allows you to build and collaborate on workplace documents in actual-time with mates or co-workers.  On the other hand, Minbox is exclusive in that it’s practically a “meta” cloud storage service.  What we imply by that everstrong series american is it can shop and synchronize files from all sorts everstrong series american nylon house flag of distinctive cloud storage solutions — which includes Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox — all under a single roof.  This tends to make it a fantastic productivity tool for enterprises whose staff might be employed to applying distinctive solutions.

eight. Tresorit

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<p>Rounding out our list is Tresorit, which is similar to SpiderOak <i>everstrong series american</i> in how seriously it requires the privacy and security of your personal computer files.  Tresorit has several of the <u>everstrong series american</u> identical file sharing and synchronization functions as Google Drive.  Even so, you can encrypt your files ahead of you send them into Tresorit, so that no one can see what’s in them.  In reality, several folks have tried in annual contests put on by <strong>everstrong series american</strong> Tresorit, and so far, nobody has been profitable!  As a security function, even though, you can <u>everstrong series american</u> only access your files on Tresorit from the <strong>ANLEY</strong> application on your device, not from Tresorit’s web-site.  Tresorit’s free of charge <strong>everstrong series american</strong> characteristics are also somewhat limited, and its paid upgrades are <strong>series american nylon</strong> somewhat high-priced.</p>
<p>Have you utilized any of these cloud storage applications like Google Drive before?  Did you feel nicely in control of your laptop files <strong>everstrong series american</strong> when making use of <strong>series american nylon</strong> them, or did they just drive you crazy?  Are there any other services comparable to Google Drive that you would suggest to our customers?  Please let us know by leaving a comment beneath, or dropping us a line on Facebook or Twitter.  Thanks!</p>
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